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The Fellows Program

Fogarty International Clinical Research Fellows Program

Program Established: Fiscal Year 2007

In 2007 the FICRSF Support Center developed a post-doctoral program for medical residents and fellows, as well as scientists with PhDs engaged in health-related post-doctoral programs. The Fellows Program was based on the same main components as the Scholars Program: mentored clinical research and orientation toward global health.

The Fellows were further along in their careers than the Scholars, and thus posed a greater challenge in the application process. Fellows and Scholars alike were evaluated on their own potential; however, Fellows were also evaluated on their proposed sites, research projects, and qualifications of their proposed mentors.

Number of Awards:

FY 2008 16 U.S. Fellows and 14 International Fellows
FY 2009 10 U.S. Fellows and 14 International Fellows
FY 2010 19 U.S. Fellows and 13 International Fellows
FY 2011 25 U.S. Fellows and 11 International Fellows
Total to date: 70 U.S. Fellows and 54 International Fellows

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